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After installation of our patented draught-proofing system you sashes will benefit from the following:

EliminatIion of  cold, icy draughts.

System completely concealed (Environmentally friendly).

Eliminates irritating rattling windows on windy days.

Reduces heat loss, thus reducing fuel bills by up to 50%.

Eliminates penetration from wind, blown rain and dust.

Reduces external noise penetration.

Maintains traditional appearance.

Achieves results equivalent to that of double glazing at a fraction of the cost.

Minimum disruption upon installation.

Easy clean systems installed for safe window cleaning in your home (optional extra).

10 year guarantee.

The traditional appearance of the property is retained.

The value of the property is enhanced.

NB. Inappropriate replacement windows may reduce the value of your property.
The original sashes represent a valuable asset.